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Happiness Meme

Thanks to Tina for the Happiness award. Following suit I award it to 5 bloggers:

Lizzyhouse, Carina, Clothpaperstring, The Giving Flower, A Spoonful of Sugar

The six things that I am happy for are:
  1. My two daughters who give me new challenges every day. They never seize to surprise and amaze me as well as test my patience to its full!
  2. My husband who supports everything I do and who is very hands on with the children. I may not tell him often enough but I love him very much.
  3. Living in Germany. One step closer to my family than America and I have made some great friends that have really made Germany feel like home to me and my family.
  4. That I discovered fabric and my love for it! At school I hated needlework and it is a bit of a joke with friends and family in England that this should have turned out to be my passion.
  5. The internet and telephone - that let me stay in such close contact with my family (thank goodness for cheap deals to the UK) and that have enabled me to "meet" other like-minded people online.
  6. Chocolate - without which I would never have survived breast feeding until now.

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August 20, 2008 at 8:32 PM

Hey, thanks for tagging me! :-)
I also recently discovered a love for all things textile-y. What a wonderful world it is!