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So much time, so little done....

The last couple of weeks have been extremely hectic. Luis has been home on holiday and we decided not to go anywhere as we are going to Chile in January and that is going to be an expensive trip. So instead we planned to do all sorts of jobs around the house. But somehow or another we achieved almost nothing. How can it be that with 2 adults and 2 children we managed to do less than when I am alone with the 2 children? The time flew by and our list of jobs remains almost untouched.

Nevermind. We will gradually get round to it.... Maybe by the time our children leave home. We did manage to put smoke alarms up in all the bedrooms, choose a paint colour for our entranceway, move the sitting room around so we are not staring at toys all day long, bagged a few leaves and put up a shelf in the kitchen.

I have been making some more memory games as the first was a success.

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