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More t-shirt printing

These t-shirt transfer sheets are wonderful. One of Amelie's favourite t-shirts (a plain pink t-shirt which she always chooses to wear) had a horrible grey mark on the front. Goodness knows where she got that from.

So I printed out her name using patterns from Petit Pattern Kids and Toys.

And voila - a more respectable looking t-shirt!

I also finally got around to washing some t-shirts with this stuff on and it comes out great! So my family had better watch out - I will be using this stuff on every piece of clothing I come across. Who needs to do laundry when I can just hide the stains!

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October 10, 2008 at 5:27 PM

This came out so cute. Thanks for the heads up about Bloglines. I think this is going on for weeks now. I tried checking it out, but I had problems loading bloglines. I wonder who else is having problems.