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Stamping the Umbrella

Lucky for Amelie it has been sunny the last couple of days so she hasn't minded Mummy tinkering about with her umbrella. I tested the ladybird stamp with fabric paint, stazon solvent pad, acrylic ink and enamel ink.

First up was fabric paint.

The print came out quite faint. I obviously need to apply more to the stamp. It dried very quickly with no bleeding. I used a hair dryer to heat set it. I blasted the umbrella for more than 5 minutes. Not sure it ever got hot enough. But we will see!

Next I tried staz on solvent ink. This is not meant for fabric. Rather for non-porous surfaces. But it is supposed to be weatherproof and I had some to hand so I thought might as well give it a go.

Not such a great photo but the results were not great either. It bled horribly. The design looked as if it had been drawn on with a felt tip. Not pretty.

Finally I tried acrylic and enamel ink on the same stamp. The red ink is acrylic and the black spots are enamel. For cost considerations I did not want to buy red and black in both acrylic and enamel. For some reason my local shop only seemed to stock huge quantities of the inks!

The results were great! However, I put too much ink on the stamp. Much less is needed than for fabric paint. The print is much more vibrant than either of the other prints and seemed to be equally as good for both the acrylic and enamel inks.

So now I am off to give the umbrella a shower. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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October 16, 2008 at 3:59 PM

Your daughter is very sweet to let you "play" with her umbrella. So glad you're sharing your tests with us... that way if I ever get to stamping I'll have some guidelines!