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Secret Santa Swap

A while ago I "met" Amy (@sukie80) on Twitter and she suggested getting involved in a secret santa swap between Twitter friends. I hestitated for a moment as I always take on too many swaps and then stress about getting everything finished in time, but Amy can be very persuasive! Plus this was a swap that didn't have to be handmade and had a strict $15 limit. Gifts didn't have to be made but could also be bought.

To be honest I didn't hesitate for too long!  Especially since I am really enjoying the Twitter playground and getting to know my fellow tweeps!

I was very lucky to receive a fabulous package from Petra (@creativemompdx) who blogs at http://quiltstopainting.blogspot.com/


Looks like a little mouse has already started to nibble at the chocolate. It is Advent after all!

Just take a look at this tape!! Amazing!!!! And it is in German! Thank you so much Petra.

ssswap tape

I was sending to Darci (@darcisews) who I have known pretty much since I started on Flickr. She was in the first bee I ever joined and in fact her blocks were the very first bee blocks I made! So it was great to have her as a partner.

Click here to see what I sent her! I forgot to take a photo!

If you're on twitter let me know - I am @hanies1

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December 17, 2011 at 5:25 PM

I am so glad you like everything and it made it to you before Christmas! This was so fun see you on Twitter!

Katy Cameron

December 17, 2011 at 7:35 PM

Looks like a great swap all round!