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Freezer Paper Stencil

It was our 5 year wedding anniversary this Saturday. Which we both forgot! I wondered why my Mum asked me if we were doing anything special at the weekend. When I flipped the calendar to August I suddenly saw that it was our wedding anniversary. That is what 2 children under 2 1/2 do to you.

Still we had a lovely weekend with the children. We went to a flea market on Sunday where I got loads of fabric and we even went out for lunch with Amelie and Hanna, who were both wonderfully behaved. But it did mean I did not have time to clear the space for my screen printing session.

But I did find time to make some dinosaur freezer paper stencils to make a little bag for Lars Oliver who will be 3 next month.

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August 4, 2008 at 10:51 PM

So cute. Was he excited to see it? My oldest is 3. He hasn't reached the dinosaur stage yet. Still into cars and trains.