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Fabric Stamping

This was my original pile of fabrics for a blue baby quilt. But I felt it lacked a little something. A personal touch and something more childlike. So I dug out my fabric paints and an eraser stamp I made a little while ago.

Using a plastic knife I smeared some fabric paint onto a piece of foam to make a stamp pad. Jezze from Jezzeblog has great advice on how to make a stamp pad using felt and table salt. I did not need to add salt to this fabric paint as it was already fairly runny. But I am going to try it out next time.
Next I lined my fabric up on my cutting board and worked out where I wanted to stamp.

Luckily my fabric didn't move around too much but I think it would be a good idea to spray some temporary adhesive on a board so as to make sure the fabric doesn't move at all.

The main problem I encountered was that I couldn't easily regulate how much ink was applied to the stamp. Because of the size of my piece of foam I had to press the stamp into the stamp pad rather than dab the stamp pad onto the stamp. Next time I will cut the foam into smaller pieces.

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September 23, 2008 at 9:07 PM

these look great. promise to send your package out on thursday as I'm not at work so will have time (eventually) to sort it out!!