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WIP Christening Candles

Christmas is well and truly over. We had a wonderful time. It was the first year that Amelie really got into Christmas although she banned Father Christmas from entering her bedroom. The idea of some strange man coming into her room when she was sleeping even if it resulted in a stocking full of presents, was something she could not accept. Amelie cancelled Christmas several times on the days leading up to it! In the end we hung her stocking downstairs. But she keeps asking me whether Father Christmas is coming again and is reassured when I say no.

Other highlights included Amelie bustling into the kitchen wearing her apron and oven mitt and cheerfully announcing that she would take the turkey out of the oven!

And Hanna's face when she opened a package of very last minute teletubby finger puppets I made. She LOVES the teletubbies which is a shame as they have been discontinued. I also laminated some pictures of the teletubbies for her to use as a placemat. Her favourite is La La. (I always find it fascinating how different the girls are - Amelie's favourite was Po)

Now our attention is 100% on our upcoming trip back to Chile to introduce the girls to the other half of their family and also to have them christened. Can't wait. It is -5 degrees here and 30 degrees in Santiago!

I am busy trying to put together some candles. Has anyone used this wax applique stuff before and have any tips?

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December 31, 2008 at 4:38 PM

What a star in her apron & mit! Our daughter (3.5yrs) was also rather concerned about Santa last year - she did not want to sit on his lap and was only comfortable if he was at least 50 meters away! Oh, and her favourite Teletub was also Lala!


January 1, 2009 at 3:11 AM

wow, she is such a cutie in her apron! The teletubby finger puppets are so cute! Have a safe trip to Chili, that should be a lot of fun, and enjoy the weather!