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Mr Fox

Mr Fox
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I feel a bit naughty including the pattern to Mr Fox in Issue 4 of Fat Quarterly as he started off as an idea for a swap and this particular pillow was stitched up as my Dad's Christmas present.

Mr Fox was destined for a spot in my Dad's office to cosy up the room and to keep an eye on the warehouse! But he never made it that far. He is now parked in my parent's living room, warming himself in front of the fire. I dare say he is a lot more comfy there but now I will have to make another pillow for Dad's office!

Still it was a lot of fun stitching him together and doing all the hand stitching. I thought before I started that it would take forever but it flew by! The only tricky bit about this pattern is keeping track of where all the bits go! I recommend cutting them as you go.

Anyway if you fancy sewing yourself a Mr Fox pillow he will be appearing in Issue 4 out on Januray 27th!

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January 24, 2011 at 9:24 AM

So gorgeous Tacha! Love the hst border and hand stitching. I'm slowly gathering fabrics for my Mr Fox.