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Bee Germany

Bee Germany Inspiration
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Even though I had promised myself I wouldn't sign up for any more Bees I just couldn't resist Bee Germany when Johanna asked me to join last year. It is just fantastic to get to know a whole load of quilters who live close enough to visit. And can you believe there are about 5 of us that live in Berlin! I can't wait to meet them although so far all the meet up dates have fallen on a weekend I can't make! Sod's law. I will be there next meet up I promise!

Anyhoo, Amelie just got a new bunk bed, or semi-bunk bed, for her birthday last week, so she is finally in a full size bed. We felt a bit guilty seeing her all curled up in her junior bed!

A bigger bed needs a bigger quilt and you can certainly never have enough quilts in my opinion. So since February is my month for sending out fabric I am very excited to be able to finally put some of my Far Far Away II to good use to make Amelie a quilt. I bought a whole load of this line and haven't had a chance to stroke or admire or dream up possible projects with it. So I decided that the ladies in Bee Germany would be able to help me make a fabulous new quilt using it, especially since Amelie has been re-enacting Sleeping Beauty at her Kita.

The mosaic above is my inspiration for the group. It seems I am quite into stars and circles at the moment! I hadn't realised until I saw the mosaic!

I can't wait to see what they come up with.

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